Plastic Mould: What Moulding Process?

  • With the rapid development of the injection mould industry, the number of companies that provide plastic mould sample processing is increasing, and they can provide better services to customers with different requirements. In the injection moulding process, different moulding methods can be used. In this process, moulding is very important and must be given high priority. The following moulding methods are for reference only, the process used is different, and there are some differences in convenience and effect.


    The first is injection moulding. This method is very common and widely used. After the enterprises provide plastic moulds for sample processing, most of them will adopt this moulding method. During the operation, the corresponding moulding machine needs to be used. Heat the material inside the barrel until it melts, then push the screw and pour the material into the cavity through the nozzle. After cooling, it can be demoulded successfully. This moulding model is not complicated, but it has a somewhat complicated structure. You need to figure out the various components and use them reasonably to achieve the use effect.


    This moulding method is more suitable for the production process of thermoplastic products, and can provide plastic mould sample processing services. The manufactured products have a wide range of uses, such as some parts of vehicles, and some electrical appliances, etc., can be used for plastic parts, and the use value is very high.


    The second type is compression moulding. This moulding method is not suitable for casual use. Most of them are used in thermosetting plastic moulds, and they should be equipped with special pressure moulding machines. For enterprises, if you want to use this method to complete the processing of plastic moulds, you should raise the temperature of the mould to 103 to 108 degrees. Then put the prepared compression moulding powder into it, after high temperature heating, it will be cured by high pressure.


    This moulding method has its own feeding chamber. After closing, the preheating is completed in the feeding chamber and it can be moulded after being subjected to strong pressure. The plastic moulds processed by this method are widely used in sample processing, for example, they are used in the packaging of electrical components, and the effect is very good.


    The third method is to extrude the die. When the company accepts plastic moulds for sample processing, it may receive the production of continuous-shaped products. At this time, the moulding method of the extrusion die is used, and the working efficiency is higher and the moulding effect is better. When using this method, a professional plastic extruder should be used. During the operation, the solid plastic is heated and slowly melted under the pressure of the machine to complete the mould through a specific die. In operation, it is suitable for use in thermoplastic products. After all, its structure is different from that of other moulding methods and should be different.


    In many professional fields, extrusion die forming methods can be used. For example, the packaging of films, rods, cables and wires can see the value of this moulding method. Applying it in a suitable field makes it easier to realize greater value without worries.


    There are various moulding methods for injection moulds. In the process of completing plastic sample processing orders, the moulding methods are selected in a targeted manner. Choose the right moulding process, reduce waste and improve work efficiency, and complete the order quickly. According to the quality of the sample and the operation process, as long as the operation process is selected correctly, there will be almost no problems.


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