The Fastest Way to Level up in League of Legends 2021

  • Leveling a League of Legends account has been a topic of discussions ever since the game first came out. Players are always looking for the quickest way to jump straight into Ranked games to show the competition they have what it takes.

    In this article, we will break down the fastest ways to level up on League of Legends.

    Win games

    It goes without saying that winning matches in League of Legends will net you more EXP than losing them. This means that to level up you’ve got to aim for the win. With this in mind it’s best to party up with a like-minded friend for extra coordination!

    Play beginner bots modeOur personal favorite way of leveling is to get a group of friends together and tackle some beginner bot games. The trick to finishing these games quickly is by taking Tristana, Jinx, Caitlyn, or any other champions that have fast attack speed and a lot of auto-attack damage. One mastery you will need to bring is Lethal Tempo and the second one is the Demolish mastery to allow you to push through those towers with ease. Go straight to mid and start to push the wave, and hit the tower every chance you get!


    The most well-known map is Summoner’s Rift which is used for all professional games. If you have watched League of Legends on any platform, it is very likely this is the only map you may be familiar with. However, there is a lesser-known map known as Twisted Treeline, which was created for teams of three. While you may be itching to escape AI games and test your mettle against real opponents, playing AI games on Twisted Treeline specifically, is the fastest way to level an account from scratch.

    With only three opponents and two other teammates to worry about, not only is the map less stressful compared to Summoner’s Rift, it is a lot easier to destroy the nexus given how much smaller it is as well. It should be noted that while AI games give nerfed EXP at levels 10 and 20 respectively, they still remain the preferred method given how much variance can be found in blind pick games against real opponents.


    If you’re trying to level up quickly and you have a bit of money to invest in the cause, buying an XP Boost can help get you there fast! Riot offers boosts that can be purchased in their store and can help speed up the process of leveling your account. A boost temporarily increases the amount of IP or XP gained at the end of each match or within a certain time limit. Boosts can reduce your leveling time by over 50%! The 7-day XP Boost costs 520 RP so it’s pretty affordable and is actually the best value per dollar out of all the others. Once you have the XP Boost you need, you’ll have to play (and win!) as many games as possible each day.

    So… consider that you’re going to play the quickest games (bot games) and combine them with experience boosts (both per win and duration boosts). Now you’re itching to find out just how long it would take you to reach level 30, right? The answer is pretty simple. Look to invest about 100 hours of playtime. So, if you are playing for only 6-8 hours a day, you’ll need to buy two 7-day XP Boosts to reach level 30. Playing 100 hours would require just over 4 continuous days of playing which is virtually impossible. That’s not all though – you’ll need 2 win boosts (50 wins each) to get you to your goal as quickly as possible.

    Pick the right champion

    Picking the right champion can help increase your chances of winning and leveling up. Consider choosing a champion that is strong in the current meta.

    Garen is the best champion for beginners due to its ability to passively gain lost health. It forgives mistakes and allows you to stay in the front line for long. Apart from Garen, you can also try Dr. Mudo, Nasus, Malphite, Rammus, Skarner, Amumu, Udyr, Annie, Jax, and Singed.

    You don’t have to stick to one champion as you level up. Every champion is different and has different abilities. Trying several champions when playing against bots can help you get the one

    To become better and help your team win, you need to play as much as you can. It is only through practice that you will become a real champion that your team can depend on to win a match. Did you want to level up fast in League of Legends or Buy LoL Account , click