League of Legends - Top Lane Champions to Climb in Season 11

  • For a lot of players, ranked can be a frustrating experience in League of Legends. Between the teammates who refuse to coordinate, the vastly different skill levels, and the odd smurf or two, you can sometimes feel like you’re going backward. But there are a few champions, if mastered, that can help you beat the system and take you to the next level.

    Of course, this is not a clear path to victory when you choose one of these champions. The champion needs some mastery to do some serious damage to his opponent. That is why you should keep in mind that we speak from the point of view where you take the time to master these champions, before you draft them in your rank game. You always have to rely on some support from your partner in the lower lane.

    We all know the memes surrounding this champion and how his real power spike starts when his score is 0-10. Despite the meme, there is some truth to it. However the game goes, a Yasuo stays relevant due to his mobility, high damage per second and his good scaling with just two items. That is why he is the first champion on our list.

    When do you pick him? Preferably with a melee support to help out with your all-in decisions and against a team composition that does not consist of mostly ranged champions. He can be played with fleet footwork for safety in lane or conqueror for some extra damage and healing late-game. Be careful, the early game will be more difficult since you are melee.

    Kai’SaLeague of Legends’ very own void daughter has been the heavy favorite ever since season 11 hit the live servers. She is by far one of the best scaling champions in the game and comes with options to either go full-AD, full-AP, or hybrid which combines the best of both her traits.

    Players can use both Galeforce and Kraken slayer on her. While the former will give her some added mobility, the latter will give her a huge damage boost when combined with the Hail of Blades rune.

    However, even with all the playmaking potential, Kai’Sa is often very weak in lane and takes some time to ramp up in power.She doesn’t do all that well against those League of Legends support picks who have a lot of CC and burst damage, and hence is easily countered by the likes of Lux, Seraphine, and Brand.

    VayneJust like Kai’Sa, Vayne has a lot of options to peel for herself in games where everyone wants to kill her. She does this even better than Kai’Sa but has much shorter range. This makes her more vulnerable in the laning phase or to short-range engage or poke. Keeping track of your positioning will be key. With her built-in true damage, she will always be able to kill tanks and other beefy champions that are in her way. Using your ultimate in combination with your “Tumble” ability, you will gain invisibility for a small duration, so you can reposition when you are in a bad spot. Use it to fool your opponent in a one-on-one, or to clutch out a late game teamfight.

    DravenOne of the more famous solo queue climbers. This champion takes a lot of time to master and can be a real lane bully when he’s used well. He has a unique playstyle where his kit favours the player chasing other champions when catching axes in quick succession. With his passive rewarding aggression and getting kills, he is one of the best champions to snowball with from the bottom lane position. Once you get rolling, there’s no stopping the Draven-show and there is no better support than an engaging one to combine this pick with.

    SamiraSamira is the latest ADC to hit the Rift. Advertised as a gunslinger who can get into melee range and execute enemies, she’s unleashed chaos on the Rift. Shortly after her release, she was hotfixed due to how strong she was, wiping entire teams with a single ultimate cast.

    While players are still experimenting with her builds to see which one is the strongest, one highly successful build has been found already that’s slowly increasing Samira’s overall win rate.

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