A mobile game that clones Escape from Tarkov

  • If you've ever dreamed of Escape from Tarkov right on your smartphone, and for free, the Chinese giant Tencent is making those dreams a reality. Dark Arena, Dark Zone ... or Dark Area ... will they decide on the name at all?

    The developers position the game as an ultimate hardcore shooter with unprecedented customization of weapons and characters, amazing micro-management,, and a new outlook on survival. But the whole game is a frank copy of the Escape from Tarkov.

    Today, the Dark Zone is in early beta, so that this article will not be so much an overview as an opinion on the appearance of such a project as a whole.

    The release of the Escape from Tarkov clone is quite an expected event, but no one could have imagined that the Chinese would do it, and even for mobile devices. While the western market is only testing the waters, gradually expanding the customization of weapons or adding modes similar to Tarkov, the eastern partners unceremoniously copied virtually the entire game and every aspect of it: starting with reliably repeated weapon animations, item icons, and the health system, continuing with interface elements, inventory management, and customization ...

    The video directly compares the animations for retrieving and checking the Glock 17, AK-74N, and AKS-74U magazines. They are simply identical!

    Customization also imitates Escape from Tarkov, albeit simplified due to the specifics of control on smartphones. The same is with micro-management - Tetris, which is so familiar to Tarkov's players, has not gone anywhere: the process of equipping the character with a vest and backpack, body armor and helmet, loading magazines with cartridges, treatment, food, and drink are present in total.

    The process of searching enemies and hiding places will take time, while the interface will remain the same familiar.

    And even the character controls have been adapted for smartphones. Quite a lot of advanced settings such as squat height or walking speed went under the knife, but tilts and changes in body position remained, and also realized the fatigue of the arms and legs separated from each other.

    And what about the modes? Guess already? In the primary manner of the Dark Zone, you will have to explore the location, complete quests, and fight with other characters: the same players and abstract Wilds. Before the foray, you can equip the character at your discretion, but in case of death, you lose loot by analogy with Escape from Tarkov. And to survive, you need to find an exit point at the other end of the map.


    The second mode is a reproduction of the game as the Wild when you appear with a random set of equipment and remain neutral with the same wanderers like yourself.

    We can say that the only significant difference between Dark Zone and Tarkov is an adaptation for the Chinese market, which implies a reduced visualization of violence: you will not find either blood or dead characters, boxes with loot will immediately appear. And in general, the game is more friendly due to its aim at a broad audience.

    What, in the end, does the emergence of this project give us as players? The toy's release on mobile platforms will hardly touch the audience of Escape from Tarkov. However, for some players, the project can be an excellent addition when the computer is unavailable. But let's speculate on what the release of the full version of Dark Zone for PC might offer.

    Considering that the studio is strictly following the path of development of the Escape from Tarkov, the developers have a ready-made idea and a clear example of profitable and not very successful decisions on the part of BattleState. So, Tencent does not need to spend extra resources on concept development and dangerous experiments. As we can see, it is enough to take a ready-made one and transfer it to your project without a share of creativity.

    For this reason, Dark Zone has all the chances to be released in the shortest possible period, certainly acquiring many paid features and a loud advertising campaign. In combination with simplified mass gameplay, this can bring considerable profits to the publisher, and Escape from Tarkov will have a very close competitor who, even if he does not grab for realism and meticulous elaboration of details, at the same time impudently copies a beautiful shell, and is also distributed entirely free of charge, which can attract a f2p audience.

    It is important to note here that we constantly meet with copying other people's ideas. The recent appearance of a mode-analog Among Us in Fortnite without the knowledge of the game's authors seriously excited the community. Still, at the same time, Fortnite is fundamentally a completely different game, which at least implies specific changes for a new type of gameplay. However, it is undoubtedly an ugly act.

    There is nothing wrong with being inspired by the ideas of other authors, as, indeed, the creators of Among Us did, taking the well-known Mafia as a basis. But outright theft by market giants from a small indie studio looks wildly unfair.

    Of course, in our case, BattleState is already difficult to call a small indie studio. Still, they develop Tarkov independently without stealing other people's concepts, which cannot be said about Chinese developers who translate EFT through a carbon copy. And how should you treat such ordinary gamers - this is the question we ask you, dear viewers. It is interesting to know the opinion of each of you.




    What does BattleState Games think about this? Do they have anything to oppose the Chinese giant, or is everything legally according to the law?

    Be that as it may, perhaps the situation will develop shortly, and a confrontation between the two companies awaits us? - Let's watch!