Why Not Know Types Of Plastic Ball Valve?


    First, we will take a look at a few different types of plastic ball valve. Some are easier to clean than others, with a variety of body types available.

    One-Piece PVC Ball Valve
    This is the most common type of PVC ball valve, with a one-piece body and a quarter-turn handle. These valves can be either threaded or socket. Threaded ball valves can be attached using pipe dope or teflon tape, which can be unscrewed. This makes maintenance straightforward, but make sure you shut off water flow before removing your valve. Ball valves with socket ends are more difficult, as they cannot be removed from the system.

    True Union PVC Ball Valvehow to clean out a plastic ball valve true union
    True union PVC ball valves (like the one shown on the right) are a more modern and efficient type of ball valve that have a removable body. This makes maintenance easy regardless of end type. They can usually be taken apart easily as well, with removable stems and seatings.

    Metal Three-Piece Ball Valve
    While we are focusing on PVC ball valves in this post, metal ball valves are also very common, especially for home brewing systems. These provide an extra level of purity that is hard to achieve with plastic ball valves. These are usually found in smaller sizes, from 1/2" to 2". For more information on how to clean these valves, read this helpful post.

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