Have You Ever Known Whether Single Ferrule Pe Fitting Are still


    There is no doubt that high pressure rating and leak-free connections of double ferrule fittings make them a choice option.

    However, there are some applications where single ferrule fittings are more suitable. This is because of the following characteristics of these pe fitting:

    No backward movement- Single ferrule means only a single direction, hence ensures correct installation.
    Single ferrules are easy to install as not installing a ferrule would be hard to miss. Hence, there is a lesser chance of assembly errors compared to double ferrule fittings.
    Some instruments or facilities have been made using single ferrule fittings. So, you can use our single ferrule designs for replacements, without needing to modify the system.
    Under certain conditions, single ferrule fittings prove to resist vibration and pulsation better. Users may thus prefer use of these fittings for such applications.

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