Some Tips For Installation Of Push-fit Fitting


    Fully inserting pipe into push fit fitting is key to a successful installation. The depth to which it's inserted is specified by the manufacturer and varies by pipe size. SharkBite makes a handy depth gauge (plus deburring tool) for their fittings, but you can also check the packaging or manufacturer website and mark the pipe accordingly. Having this reference helps avoid partial insertions and the resulting leaks.

    Push-fit speeds things up, but don't go too fast: quickly jamming pipe into fittings is a good way to damage O-rings. Slowly but firmly twist the pipe as you insert it to the proper depth.

    "Twist and lock" fittings (like most John Guest) have nuts on their ends that must be hand-tightened to fully secure the fitting (and "unlocked" to insert pipe). "Standard" push-fits like SharkBite and ProBite don't have this feature: just insert the pipe and you're done.
    When working with PEX, you'll need to make sure a special insert is used that keeps the tubing from collapsing. SharkBite and ProBite come with an insert already inside the fitting; all you need to do is push the tubing in. With John Guest fittings, inserts will need to be purchased separately and manually placed in the tube end(s).

    Once pipe is secured inside the fitting, it can only be removed by pressing down on the fitting's collet or "release collar" (SharkBite): this is the small plastic ring that just barely sticks out of the fitting end. This "ring" is just the outer edge of a larger piece, whose other end features the metal teeth that grip onto the pipe. John Guest collets need only fingertips to push in; SharkBite and ProBite release collars call for a special disconnect tool (or careful use of an adjustable crescent wrench: slide over pipe, adjust to size, and push the collar firmly into the fitting while gently pulling the pipe out).

    Optional locking clips can be used to create an even more secure John Guest connection by preventing accidental pushing-in of the collet. Just clip between the collet and the fitting body, and rest easy.
    Pro Tip: John Guest and ProBite fittings are entirely reusable (provided they're installed correctly to begin with and are not damaged during removal), making them an even greater value.

    SharkBite recommends reuse only for testing purposes (e.g. reusing caps to check leaks, test pressure), never permanent installation.
    When burying push-fit fittings, make sure they're prevented from making direct contact with soil/backfill by wrapping them with chloride-free tape, insulation, or some other barrier. The backfill should be free of rocks and debris. Of the brands we sell, SharkBite and ProBite fittings are approved for burial in most areas. If you're considering using push-fit in a burial or other concealed application, be sure to check with local code authorities first.

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