How Many Drawbacks Do Plastic Ball Valve Have?


    The major drawbacks of plastic ball valve are mentioned below:

    Unsuitable for Long Duration Throttling:
    A big drawback of a ball valve is that it is not a great choice for throttling for a long time. This is mainly true for the fast-flowing liquids at high pressure. The continuous force exerted on the ball valve can cause different parts to become a bit weary. Due to this reason, the ball valve loses its efficiency during permanent throttling.

    Another major disadvantage of a ball valve is that it is prone to getting deposits of the flowing material on it. The main reason for that is the design of the ball valve that allows the flowing liquid to get stuck. That is why ball valves are not the recommended choice for thick liquids. If a dense fluid keeps on flowing through the ball valves, it can jam their working due to clogging. This problem requires cleaning of the ball valve to get its optimized efficiency.

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