Why to Opt for Stainless Steel PP Fittings?


    We are a well-renowned and reputed company which primarily focuses on providing customers with products of high quality and flawless precision. We undertake the manufacture of a large variety of high-quality SS pp fitting. The wide portfolio of fittings and valves that are provided by Sealexcel are adequately designed to fulfill specific purposes and are capable of withstanding intense industrial applications and environments of extreme pressure along with our assurance of efficiency and safety.

    The large range of SS pipe fittings at Sealexcel is accessible in accordance with needs of our clients from the industry. Some of the primary features are listed below:

    The valves, adapters, and fittings are designed and manufactured using the Stainless Steel 316 material.
    The raw materials used in the construction of our pipes and fittings not only conform to the industry specified requirements but also surpass our own standards of high quality.
    Our fittings meet the international specification requirements for high- quality products and testing criteria.
    The size range of the units stretch from around 0.125 to 1 inch.
    In addition to the pipe fittings having threads designed using Pipe Taper features, the fittings are also BSP and ISO certified.
    The bar stock is used to manufacture the straighter pipe fittings while the crosses, elbows, and tees pipe fittings are extensively designed and manufactured using close grain forgings.
    Operating parameters having a pressure rating around 10,000 PSIG are used to manufacture the SS pipe fittings.
    The design of the pipe fittings enables them to withstand a temperature rating up to 426O C.
    Our stainless steel pipe fittings are high quality, precision, consistency, and delivered on time. We provide prompt and accurate help to our valuable customers via our customer care services.

    plastic ball valve is also one of our products, welcome to your come and purchase!