We Provide You With Some Basic Information Of Push-Fit Fitting


    Push-fit plumbing fittings are also known as push fit fitting or push-on fittings. They’re specially made for use on PEX, CPVC, and rigid copper water pipes.

    Some fittings are smaller and specially made for use in plastic tubing used with ice makers, aquariums, and water filters.

    These fittings are not usable with any galvanized steel pipes. Most of them are also not usable with soft or flexible copper tubing.

    All types plumbing fittings have their ideal push-fit fittings, including repair couplings, the hookup hoses used in water heaters, hose bibs, tees, elbows, shutoff valves, and unions.

    Most plumbing regulations allow for use of these fittings within ceiling cavities or walls. Some types of fittings are buried underground upon being wrapped in tape.

    If you’re planning to use these fittings for huge projects, expect the project to be costly since they’re not cheap. Moreover, check with your local construction department for any restrictions on using the fittings in a huge project.

    Push-fit fittings work by gripping the pipe being fixed with their ring. The ring usually has some teeth made of steel. The fitting also has one or several O-rings within it that create a tight seal around a pipe.

    In case the pipe isn’t rounded perfectly or its edges are rough or it’s covered with gunk, then the provided O-rings might fail to make a tight seal, thereby causing leaks.

    Also, in case the pipe hasn’t been cut squarely and smoothly, then it will fail to fit around the fitting evenly, or it might extend beyond the necessary depth within the fitting.

    All these issues will lead to an imperfect seal. As such, it’s advisable to only use a tubing cutting tool to cut through the pipe rather than using a saw.

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