PLayer influence on the world and market

  • Campfires could be created almost anywhere a fire is burning, since that probably means that there's a group with jobs inside. If someone were dying, they could go searching for a campfire. Hmmmm... kill the members of RS gold the campfire, or exchange and barter for meals? This could be your choice (weather changing is something to not suggest but just in case).

    In nightime(maybe), or whenever people think that it's mandatory, camps could spring up round the cook, the firemaker, the woodcutter, and a couple of warriors/mages/rangers/all. Obviously they'd nevertheless have to be wary of battle, even thier own campmates may not be trusted. It would be prohibited to enter a POH, so innovative woodcutters could create log benches, crafters could make tents and such, and thats basically how camping would go, while still remaining PvP.

    PLayer influence on the world and market. This whole idea sounds rather complicated, but I am going to come right out with it. The amount of players on the planet affects the amount of distinct ways to have supplies, and there'll always be the pkers. Among the simple fact that this would be a survival universe, I would like to implement something many previously have said.

    Have bonuses for members camping and skilling in buy OSRS gold hazardous areas. For instance, the crafters producing tents, which would heal players who use it, could find a crafting bonus for producing something similar to this at a dangerous world.