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    A few hours before Sunday Women World Cupfinal, John Ellis will seat himself at his organ and play Never Walk Alone, Liverpool Football Club stirring anthem. A Royal Marine commando who became a football coach, the 80 year old is no vocalist, but nevertheless he will warmly sing the words and glance at a framed photograph of his daughter, Jill. It is a ritual the Englishman goes through every time the United States plays.

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    "But once the laughing and giggling is all gone, and you're still giving the performance of Durotan, they race to catch up to what you're offering in the performance. That's arrogant of me to say, but you can feel very relaxed about being in cool armour and a cool costume. This is about acting. You're here to perform."

    Drawing to learn in science. Science. Motivating children to learn effectively: exploring the value of intrinsic integration in educational games Journal of the Learning Sciences. 20(2), 169 206AINSWORTH, S., GELMINI HORNSBY, G., THREAPLETON, K., CROOK, C., O'MALLEY, C. and BUDA, M., 2011. Anonymity in classroom voting and debating Learning and Instruction.

    While the latter has received similarly positive reviews since it premiered in October, it's still unclear whether or not we can expect more from this story. This first series is based on Bernard Cornwell's 'The Saxon Stories' novel collection, namely 'The Last Kingdom' and 'The Pale Horseman', but there's still plenty more where they came from.

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