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    This research therefore meets the afterlives of the disaster event at three specific sites; the everyday practices of making do and living on, the process of inhabiting spatial forms, and the traces of the disaster event that continue to erupt and haunt the post disaster landscape of Hunza Valley and Gojal Valley.

    It unclear whether the depressed valuation for King could signal bad news for publicly traded mobile gaming companies such as Zynga Inc. and Glu Mobile Inc. or for large startups such as Pocket Gems and Scopely. But growth of mobile gaming is far outpacing those two mediums, and Activision Blizzard needed a bigger stake to stay competitive, analysts said.

    "This is really a great place for toys because there is a lot of old houses that have been here for 100 years or more. And that's where things accumulate. It's kind of like, what is a good place to put it, well let's put it in the attic," Magee said, "We love that kind of stuff because there is a lot of areas in the country where they don't have attics. So, we love Pennsylvania."

    So what are my reservations. Firstly, Second Life gives me a headache if I use it for any length of time. (Must be my aging eyes, but a colleague who attended a 6 hourconference in SL reported the same phenomenon!) Secondly, it needs quite powerful graphics cards, a requirement which seems to increase with every upgrade they produce, and I think that is a big accessibility issue. Thirdly, SL is a public site, and has, inevitably, some less than salubrious areas. (Quite a lot actually!) OK,I suspectthis is actually quite a small proportion ofSL total facilities, and students in HE are adults and we can hold their hands all the time, but I can see any HEI relishing the prospects of misinformed local media announcing that it is directing students into what might be described as web services.

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