Can Madden 21 continue its past glory

  • The Madden team released the first Madden game in 1988. There are many people in the world who love this game. They may obsess some players with the previous version, and most players have already put their interest in Madden 21, which was released in August last year. They have spent a lot of MUT 21 Coins to upgrade their lineup strength to an extremely terrifying state.

    The latest entry in the series was off to a rocky start when it launched back in August. What makes those players who pre-ordered Madden 21 upset is that when they are experiencing Madden 21, the client often crashes or there are often bugs in the game that affect their normal experience. But what makes players most disgusted is that the monetization that EA is currently actively promoting makes the game experience that Madden 21 brings to players is no longer pure sports competition but more and more commercial.

    If the newcomer wants to defeat the opponent with the strongest power in the game, then Aaron Rodgers is undoubtedly the best helper. Although he hasn’t played some particularly brilliant performances in recent seasons, his talent is still there. Last year, his achievements in passing and assists were so great that he even qualified for the MVP of the year. We can say it that if players add it to the self-built lineup, it will be a good improvement for the overall competitiveness.

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