The ratings of many players in Madden 21 have changed

  • Only a short time before the start of the NFL playoffs. Some players in the NFL have been very attractive recently. As we all know, EA likes to update the Madden roster based on performance trends, which caused the scores of these players in Madden 21 to start to change. Players are very much looking forward to seeing which players have upgraded or dropped. They also bought an enormous amount of MUT 21 Coins and waited for those players with relatively low ratings but relatively moral strength to reinforce the mid-level players of the team.

    Jalen Hurts’ rating rose from 70 to 72. What is impressive is his comprehensiveness on the court. Players who already have him should know how he will help the team win. Cam Newton from the New England Patriots has dropped from 77 to 75, but he is still an outstanding player. Players who don’t have enough budget can add him to the lineup. Just last week, Dennis Gardeck’s score rose by two points to 75. In fact, he is just a loser, but now he can make such a result is really proud of him.

    Although David Montgomery’s score only rose by one point to 81, his performance during this period is enough to prove that he has improved a lot. Montgomery has put the Bears on his back this season. It’s not the easiest task, and when players don’t have a great QB, he can also temporarily help players a lot. This week Montgomery helped carry the Bears to a win over the Vikings. Aaron Jones’s score rise is the same as David Montgomery. In a Packers team that is often associated with Aaron Rodgers, it’s another Aaron who took the lead in recent weeks.

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