What do players say about Madden NFL 21 on PS5

  • Given the current situation, there doesn’t seem to be any excitement in the Madden 21 gaming community. With Madden 21’s performance on the PS4 platform not being as satisfactory for players this year, the game team didn’t find any optimistic ideas from the players. Fortunately, EA Sports is fully involved in the next generation upgrade. Now players can download the PlayStation 5 version and purchase some MUT 21 Coins to experience the new version of Madden 21.

    Players who are disappointed with the PS4 version will find the new version of Madden 21 on Sony’s new system. Although the graphics enhancements are far from the FIFA 21 standard level, it significantly improves the playback resolution and statistics. In more detail, the developers even optimized the weather changes over the stadium. When it rains, the sidelines are more active.

    The loading time is also very different, especially in the ultimate team, which designed for small game challenges for a while. Now players can complete tasks without waiting for each task to load over and over again, which greatly improves the process and changes the rules of the game. The problem is that there are not enough game changers in the remaining game packs. EA Sports said that the pre-release version will use Next-Gen Stats to integrate real NFL data and will have little impact on the game flow.

    But in general, except for minor changes to the way players balance when turning, the gameplay is almost identical, using the same animation as the PS4 version. Although it is not as scary as some Reddit commentators think, it is disappointing, especially when it compares with NBA 2K21’s next-generation starting product. However, loyal fans of the Madden series will still insist on Buy Cheap Madden 21 Coins at GameMS to continue to support EA’s decision.