A full tutorial on how to download Path of Exile for PC users

  • When Grinding Gear Games from New Zealand released Path of Exile in 2013, people at that time regarded it as the successor to Diablo. But after seven years of experience, they completely changed their views. It is a very different game from the Diablo series, although they are both in the category of ARPG games. Players who have successfully downloaded Path of Exile only need to use a small amount of POE Currency after entering the game to start the journey of exile.

    So far, Path of Exile is available on PS4 and Xbox1, PC and Mac. Everyone who wants to play this game just needs to download it according to the correct steps to enjoy the novel excitement. Take PC users as an example. First, they need to click on the download game entry on the Steam or Path of Exile official website, and then wait for the game download to complete. When the download progress reaches 100%, people can click to install in the selected file directory, preferably in the solid state drive, which will increase the loading speed of the game. After they finish everything, they can enter the game.

    People who enter Path of Exile for the first time may not know how to carry out their game activities. They can find some game guides in the player community or official forums to learn. The most important thing is that they need to get some POE Currency as the most basic financial guarantee for activities. It is worth noting that in each expansion of POE, players need to create a character to play. If they want to experience the diversity of the game, they can also achieve their goals through passive tree skills.

    Path of Exile will launch a new extension every three months. However, the POE 3.13 expansion originally scheduled to be released this month was delayed until January next year due to the collision of the release time with Cyberpunk 2077. So if players who have just joined the game want to experience the new content as soon as possible, they can Buy POE Currency and then go to the epic event that will appear tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock Eastern Time.