What’s new and outstanding about Madden 21 PS5 and Xbox Series

  • EA Sports shared many extra details of the upcoming upgrades to Madden NFL 21 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which sound impressive and extensive. Among these additional features, one of them is that the game team has adopted a new delayed lighting system, which can make the interface look more beautiful and closer to reality. The players and spectators on the field and on the bench will respond accordingly according to the situation on the field. Some interesting animations before the game are also about to appear in certain Madden versions. Players can prepare some MUT 21 Coins for those new players.

    Players on the sidelines have the similarity, name, body type and skin type of the players. When athletes on the field are running or other players push it out of the boundary line, they will jump out of the ball or move away. Players can set up sideline roles to watch the game and react to it. The game team has also improved the unique interaction of head tracking and all characters in the player box, so players do not need to pair up, which saves much effort. The player’s model has also improved. EA stated it is to show what these players look like in actual games.

    The number of vertices and texture resolution in the game has almost doubled, and performing the graphics processor of the next-generation game console can also release. Besides the appearance of the player model, the next-generation game console also provides an opportunity to upgrade the rendering skeleton to better show secondary body movements and muscle deformation in actual life.  Even the players’ hand movements and muscle changes such as detailed parts, players can easily find, which mainly depends on the movements the players made at that time.

    Faced with such sincere works from EA, every player should try their best to play the latest version of Madden game and pursue the greatest achievement. If they need help, GameMS can provide convenience to players who want to Buy Madden 21 Coins. Go!