GGG answered questions from players about upcoming events in th

  • In another four days, players will see the release of the first event, which is called Mayhem Event. For this large-scale event, many people have various questions. GGG published posts on Path of Exile’s official forum a few years ago. The posts not only included an introduction to the three upcoming epic events but also answered some representative questions. In short, the more POE Currency players prepare, the more they can benefit from the event.

    Some players asked whether they could directly use existing characters to take part in the event. The answer is no, they need to create a new character every time they enter an event to start the game normally. If a player wants to take part in the event, they need to click on it to take part. Players should note that this option will only become available 30 minutes before the event. Before the event starts, their characters will be in an immovable state.

    However, there are also downsides. Players who like to make a private league version did not get their wish this time. And they cannot change the Ascendancy Class during the event. The reason why Delve Solo established spontaneously is that if players want to team up with other people to start the game, they must visit towns or hidden areas that cannot use because of the event. In addition, as long as players do not delete their characters, they can receive prizes even if the characters die. And if players level multiple characters, they also have more opportunities to get rewards. However, each account can only receive once.

    Although each platform has its own independent Demigod Auhority prize pool such as PC, PS4 and Xbox1, the micro-transaction prize pool shared among all platforms. The game team can’t wait to see hundreds of thousands of players fighting in the event. Players also need to POE Currency Buy in advance to enhance their strength in order to win the last victory.