Players who want to get more XP in Madden 21 Ultimate Team can

  • In Madden 21, there are many ways to improve the player’s lineup strength. For example, some people use many MUT 21 Coins to purchase Power Up items to upgrade players to achieve the purpose of improving their strength. Some people will invest a lot of training points for certain players. Enhance the attributes of these players, and some people will think how to get more XP to achieve their goals. They must know that using some clever techniques is more practical than working hard.

    Madden 21 has been out for a while, and Ultimate Team players are looking for the best way to maximize their time to generate more XP. One way is to hone their MUT levels to get rewards, better challenge bonuses, and finally upgrade their Level Master. Although there are many ways to get XP in MUT, in fact, only a few are time-saving and labor-saving. Although H2H Season and Solo Battles are very suitable for players to get more Madden Coins, it is not necessarily suitable for XP. Players can usually complete these mini scenes in a few performances and provide excellent returns for the players every minute.

    Currently, the best way to grind XP is to complete as many NFL Epics challenges as possible. This solo challenge requires players to return a kick of at least 22 yards and receive an extra red star of 25+ yards. It’s so easy to get the biggest stars here, they don’t even have to control the return journey because the CPU will take over them almost every time and run at least 25 yards on the field. All players need to do is to replay after the game is over. After each challenge, players can get XP and can easily and quickly upgrade the MUT level.

    When they want to try alternative methods, they can go to GameMS to consult customer service. If they want to Buy Madden 21 Coins, it can also provide players with great help and convenience.