Path of Exile's schedule for the next two months

  • According to GGG’s post on Path of Exile’s official forum, the information is that they have arranged three epic tournaments for many players looking forward to new content to test next month. The total duration of the three activities is five weeks. Until they proclaim the release of POE 3.13 expansion, these three activities will play the role of providing players with new fun. This also means that the opportunity for players to get more POE Currency and enjoyable gaming experience has finally arrived.

    Mainly because the POE Heist league has lasted for over two months. According to the life cycle of previous leagues, it is about to come to the end. It is also because the release dates of Cyberpunk 2077 and the POE 3.13 expansion are too close, so that players have to play in the Heist League for another two months, which has triggered extreme dissatisfaction and disappointment among players. In order to alleviate the negative emotions of current game players, GGG came up with this trick.

    According to their published schedule, the dates for the three events are December 4th, 11th and 18th. On January 7th of next year, the game team intends to release a trailer about the expansion of POE 3.13 and complete POE Heist on January 11th. Then two days after the Heist League, they will launch the POE 3.13 expansion on the PC and successively launch the 3.13 expansion on the console on January 21st.

    An interesting phenomenon that players can find is that when players are in the first or third event, their area will change the mod every hour. From another perspective, this undoubtedly increases the complexity of the game environment. Players should try their best to ensure that they are in the best state before going to battle. They can add protection to themselves by Buy POE Currency if they have the financial resources.