Players can also play other new content before the release of P

  • Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games does not want their development this year to end. Every game business wants to draw a perfect end for 2020, not a broken end. A few days ago they announced in their latest announcement that there will be three new events for players to entertain in December. The time from the start of the first event to the end of the last event is five weeks. Players need to prepare some POE Currency as soon as possible.

    What makes the players even more gratified is that after the third event is over, GGG will release the POE 3.13 expansion, which also means that the players’ good gaming experience will not interrupt. Maybe these three events will inextricably link with the new expansion that will release soon. Players who want to play them can hope to take part in the first event at 3 pm Eastern Time on December 4th. After the Mayhem Event begins, players may encounter enemies, modifiers and scenes from past league anarchy, invasions, breakthroughs, ambushes, tortures, and pioneers throughout the process, and they updated every hour.

    Once the chaos ends on the morning of December 11, it will give the exiles a two-hour probation at work. The initial descent will cause the player to sail in the dark, with nothing but the starter, and access to hidden places and cancelled towns is up to you. Additionally, Kitava’s resistance penalties will incur at points throughout the levelling process.

    This is undoubtedly a good way to get new fun for players who are already boring in the POE Heist league. The Heist League has lasted for more than two months, and it happens that the three events this time will appear as appetizers before POE 3.13 to satisfy players’ desire for new content. In short, players had better Buy POE Currency to add a guarantee for their next actions.