Path of Exile will host three grand events next month

  • Recently, the game team of Path of Exile stated they will hold three grand events next month to satisfy players’ desire for new content. In fact, the players all understand that this is GGG in order to make up for the gap between the 3.12 expansion and the 3.13 expansion caused by failing to release the 3.13 expansion on time. These events include a week-long Mayhem Event, a week-long Endless Delve Event, and a three-week Heist Flashback Event. Probably as before, players should have a great opportunity to get many POE Currency from it.

    These activities will continue until GGG releases the POE 3.13 extension. They will hold the Mayhem Event at around 3pm Eastern Time on the 4th of next month. Starting at 3 pm Eastern Time on December 4, a week of chaos began. The event adopted the classic exile path modifier from past league anarchy, invasion, breakthrough, ambush, torture and pioneer, and increased it to 11. Each area of Wraeclast has one of the following conditions, and the mod changes some things every hour.

    The interesting Heist Flashback Event will start at 3 pm on the 18th of next month. Each game area will contain several popular Mods from past leagues, and it will randomly select three of the following three Mods. The awards for all three events include the new Demi-God Awarding Agency, the Twilight Mystery Box that reaches level 50, and the level 60, 70, 80, 85, 90, and 95 random micros that will award at the end of each event.

    People who know Path of Exile must know that this is an ARPG game that can play directly without spending money. We should note it that both PC players, PS4 players or Xbox1 players need to Buy POE Currency to have a chance to get greater achievements in the three events in December.