Players understand the release plan of Path of Exile in the sec

  • In the last period of this year, according to GGG’s original plan, POE 2 Beta and 3.13 extensions should have released. The game team caused the delayed release of the 3.13 extension in order to avoid a collision with the release time of Cyberpunk 2077. The delayed release of the POE 2 Beta is because of the violent COVID-19 this year, which caused the game team to have to work from home at the beginning of the year. As a result, several expansions this year were released later than before. However, players have also got a lot of POE Currency from these leagues.

    There is only over one month left before the end of this year. The game team is still urgently optimizing the details of the POE 3.13 expansion. In order to keep the number of POE players from losing too much, they also need to improve the POE Heist League to keep players’ interest in the game from falling. Some time ago, the GGG president stated that if there is time left, they will also develop the POE 3.14 expansion in order to offer players a new league with richer content and more creativity as early as next year.

    Anyway, players will not see the release of POE 2 Beta this year. Fortunately, most players understand the behavior of GGG, and also said they will continue to work hard in the current league in order to achieve greater achievements in the new version in the future. At present, developers have released detailed descriptions of patches in various periods in the official forum of Path of Exile. If players don’t understand something, they can log in to the forum to view it.

    The game team apologizes to the players for their operations in the second half of the year. They also believe that the creativity of the development team can provide players with more fun content. New players can now POE Currency Buy to catch up with the progress of other old players and also enjoy the mysterious fun that Path of Exile brings to them.