Path of Exile's development so far is worth remembering

  • As a completely free ARPG game, Path of Exile has set off a frenzy since GGG released it in 2013. People who are full of adventurous spirit and pursuit of excitement will come to the dark world of POE to enjoy the fun game experience. Not only because of its unique game mechanics, players generally spend some POE Currency to increase the speed of character development, which allows them to feel the same sense of reality as in real life.

    At the beginning, some people questioned that the life cycle of the Path of Exile game would not be too long because Diablo was the dominant player in the ARPG game field. But now those who question it have been conquered by the success of POE. Now people who want to play Path of Exile can download it for free on PC, Xbox1, PS4 and Mac. Its ranking on Steam has also been steadily advancing. It is the seventh year of POE development so far, and it is countless innovative factors that make up such an excellent game now.

    GGG generally adds four different expansions to the game every year for players to play, the cycle is three months or one season. I have to say that this cycle set very cleverly, which allows players to fully experience the charm of each expansion without making them feel too boring and keep looking forward to the next expansion. As the players play, they will recommend their friends to play this game. Invisibly, it provides a powerful driving force for the continuous development of Path of Exile.

    Take this year as an example. Although the long-awaited POE 2 Beta and 3.13 expansion have to be postponed because of the COVID-19 ravages and avoiding the conflict with the release time of Cyberpunk 2077, the players Still having a great time in the current Heist league. Players who have just become exiles now need to POE Currency Buy as soon as possible to keep up with the game progress of normal players, otherwise they will not have a wonderful experience in the new expansion released in January next year.