POE players who want to become more powerful in Heist must put

  • Just like the players who had to go to the sacred jungle in the Harvest League of Path of Exile to collect seeds before, the players in the Heist League also need to go to a specific location before they can start their robbery journey. The name of this place is Rogue Harbour, which allows players to form a team of thieves here. But the premise of going here is that players must have a certain amount of Rogue Marker and POE Currency to access. This location accommodates all NPC thieves, can buy fences marked by thieves for robbery rewards, and the ability to activate contracts and blueprints.

    When players start their actions, they will find that the biggest difference between this league and other leagues is the alert level. The map will show which places have treasures. After the developers added patches to the game some time ago, the alert level will no longer increase after players kill the guards in the treasure house. However, once the alarm level reaches a certain level, an extremely loud sound will emitter, and players must take away the target item as quickly as possible. After successfully stealing the treasure, they must leave the scene or there will be countless guards to catch the thief immediately.

    Completing a normal contract is a reward, but well-equipped players with advanced thieves may wish to complete some Grand Heists. These are called game blueprints, and they act as contracts that need to plan before they start. The blueprint has multiple roles, which should be performed by the thieves organization. Unlike contracts, blueprints comprise multiple departments acting as independent looters. When everything plan, the player can stamp on the blueprint and start the mission. The function of the mission itself is the same as the contract, but with multiple levels and better mission ending plunder.

    Indeed, some mechanisms in the POE Heist League are very difficult to learn and understand. However, Players still have two months to understand these extremely important concepts. If they rely on the help of POE Items, it is best to go to the reliable agent website to Buy POE Currency, which is also an excellent way.