The Path of Exile store will not collapse so easily anymore

  • Some new players who have just joined Path of Exile for a short time, whenever they buy POE Currency in the game store or make transactions with others, the game store will crash from time to time. They think this is a small probability event is normal, but for old players, it is a very serious problem affecting the game experience. So they reflected this issue in the official forum of Path of Exile. Game developer Grinding Gear Games has improved the stability of the game store in this regard.

    When the bug raged, Grinding Gear Games accidentally prevented players from earning money from the console. The most obvious impact of this error is that it will crash the client when the player visits the microtransaction store. Patch 1.63 and many other programs have corrected this problem. Another console-specific fix is that players can now delete currencies from the trading market in Rogue Harbour.

    Another goal of this update is to improve the heist experience for all players fighting in the Heist League. For example, a raid target plan now generates one to three element levels as the area level. Some monster robbers can use their abilities by closing the door, but this is no longer the case. Now when players use the button to view the entire wing in the blueprint, the UI will correctly display the progress of the raid and the list of looted treasures.

    The game team also fixed many visual errors that occurred because of program confusion. The current GGG restoration focus is mainly on major game consoles and POE Heist. Players who want to see the detailed description of previous POE patches can go to its official forum. They should prepare to Buy POE Currency and POE Items for the next in-depth POE Heist, which is very necessary.