What are the improvements in the POE 1.66 patch

  • Based on the feedback from POE players after playing for so long, the game studio Grinding Gear Games released a detailed description of the POE 1.66 patch the day before yesterday. PS4 players can now download patches and enter the game to see what they have improved. According to the official announcement, the update has many bug fixes and other game improvements. They will have greater demand for currency items such as POE Currency.

    There are some specific changes to the game console. The development team added console guilds to the game. If players want to buy hidden tags from the guild, they must donate them to the guild through the website, and then the guild leader can purchase the tags through the guild section of the MTX store. Now players can also find more information about qualifiers based on the relevance of the new hidden tags. It also means that players can use hidden folders in the future.

    As early as a few months ago, some players reported that the client would suddenly crash when they were in a maze or in the inventory interface. Don’t worry, this problem no longer exists. And the developers also eliminated the error of the gem loop upgrade animation. When players are using currency to do something, they don’t have to slowly find the type of currency they need in the storage tag.

    There are many very obvious improvements, which greatly simplifies the game steps for players in their free time. For example, they now only need to push the door to pass through the perception door in Repository Heists. In addition, because the previous mass effect does not work, the mass effect granted by the unusually small poison now gets a killing blow against enemies with at least 5 poisons.

    After a series of improvements from the game team, players have shared in the community that they have obtained a better gaming experience after updating the patch. At the same time, many game strategies suitable for the new version have also appeared. Players who are pursuing stable development can either follow the game guides written by others or go to the agent to Buy POE Currency and get free and practical game guides. Players can try both methods to maximize the ultimate benefits.