A small museum and library would be located

  • This entry is intended to spark thought and generate ideas on OSRS gold ways to address it. Let's begin by looking at Burthorpe. Burthorpe is an important Asgarnia settlement which has been ignored and largely ignored for a number of years.

    Burthorpe was once the capital of Asgarnia. The King passed away in the capital. I have a surprise for you. It's not the most impressive. There aren't any walls except those for the castle. This means that an attack by trolls would be catastrophic. The castle wall on the side that Trolls attack is also damaged. While it is scaffolding, it does not have guards or workers to protect it. That is indeed mad! The city hasn't been given a coat of paint in its long history, and it appears dull, boring, and pointless.

    A grand city could be larger than Falador. It would be surrounded by huge walls, huge gates, and small spaces for guards to sleep, make tea, or eat in. The castle could have a tall, thick sturdy tower at every corner, and each would be packed with rooms of importance.

    Many houses would be added to ensure that all occupants are secure, in a similar fashion to Falador, but with black. Each one is a decent size and include things for living, an extra bed, bathroom, a bedroom for children, a downstairs with a kitchen, the dining area and a bookcase, possibly additional items, but they are not required.

    A small museum and library would be located within the walls of Burthorpe. Because it is capital Burthorpe, the school could be located nearby.

    Another problem that is a problem with Burthorpe is that it's the only bank that is located in Burthorpe (I'm not including the Warriors Guild as part of Burthorpe) which is in the Thieves den, not good for a capital city, eh? There would be North and South banks.

    Is there any city attraction? How about a Minigame at the Barracks. You could also have a good smithing center for creating weapons and armour. Good specialist shops would also buy RuneScape gold be great. Let your own choices be made. We appreciate your attention!