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  • But, the significance goes such a way in pvp. Skills > Gear > Class and being killed for the hundredth time by a sin/ranger while I'm at 20% HP and farming mobs is increasingly frustrating. I don't get how someone can be satisfied destroying people who are not properly geared, underleveled or lacking in advantage, and do their own thing. While I can appreciate the importance of taking this risk in aion classic kinah a place where pvpve is a thing, it seems like many people don't care about actual competition.

    Of course, I've met awesome people who would just say hello when we're trying to farm, or even a purple flew past me because there's nothing to gain from the attempt to harm me. There are many other instances in which I'm 1v3 ganked, killed , or beaten by a twink or by a man 10+ levels higher than me. If I think about it, the reason most people make twinks is gross, just to harass people they know they can beat easily. This is because most individuals still play the same game, and the only ones who can make it happen are the whales or the no-lifers. But, this is how Aion has always been looking back.

    Edit: I'm sorry for those on the opposite side. I do know the reasons for the appeal. I used to have a twink for a very long time, but as time has passed , I'm unable to see the appeal and satisfaction gained from such one-sided twinkling.

    Wow... my dudes, Aion classic is thriving because of people who were awed by that part of the game. There aren't any OWPvPvE games remaining due to complaints like this.

    "They later implemented rift changes", blah the blah". Then the game was dead. It's been less that a month. Let it go. People who re-joined for the tough OWPvPvE environment will enjoy for a few days before it is ripped up once more.

    I do not mean to disrespect the OP however that's the sole reason I returned. This aspect of the game made it less enjoyable to play it for many.

    There are many games that allow you to play on a completely identical playing field without having to take on anything. Let Aion classic be the best of what Aion was - a hardcore fast-paced, brutal PvP world, in which everyone who actually makes it to level cap is a battle-hardened player regardless of whether they wanted to be or not.

    Many people like to showcase what they have spent hundreds or thousands of hours working towards the capability, not only to eliminate those who aren't yet there, but also to compare their skills with others who have. If you do be in the latter category sometimes, keep in mind that it will all come to you. Aion Classic might not be your style if that's your way of life. We're not saying this in euro aion classic buy kinah a negative way or in a confrontational way. It's just being honest.