I still get excited by the fact that Villager is at crush

  • It doesn't mean people do not /wantto play them. It means individuals /can not / play them because otherwise they get penalized by the quicker, better characters and New Horizons Items the game isn't enjoyable. Ridley was my most wanted first celebration but he kinda stinks, so I use him from spite not cause he's good.

    I actually main Ridley also! Of course you can still play them. If you are saying the game isn't fun playing a specific character, this usually means you don't wish to play them, not that you simply can not. I locate some MUs tough as Ridley but on a whole, he is still enjoyable for me and I do well enough with him. The main reason I include him on my list above is not because I don't enjoy him personally, but since he does not see much representation despite being among the top most asked characters in the history of the series

    Hey that is great for you, I still main Ridley too! I just indicate the community at large. Every personality is still going to get a few players, naturally.

    And yeah I'd say Byleth is pretty popular, especially compared to how much they were reviled when they had been declared. They've a decent amount of players, a more dedicated playerbase, representation online using the best player in the world at this time, and the overall belief is that they're actually quite fun and saucy (when compared with what was expected).

    I'm talking especially about these cases where there was a strong contrast between anticipation and announcement response, and the way they're obtained after discharge. In that respect, Mythra & Pyra already doing fairly great. They got easily one of the very negative reactions after announcement, juxtaposed with a few of the very best on release. Already a substantial amount of professional players and individuals with this sub are calling them the most fun character that has been inserted as DLC.

    I still get excited by the fact that Villager is at crush. I was only saying to my friend the other day"Is not it great that you can play as Villager in Smash?" To which he replied,"Not actually, I've never played Animal Crossing", which, fair.

    Smash was among the very first video games I ever played and I don't play a good deal of video games so there's a tiny number of fighters who I played their source game before they were in Smash. Pretty much just Villager and Wii Fit Trainer. Greninja and Cheap Animal Crossing Items Joker also, but I just played 10 hours of Persona 5. I suppose Piranha Plant? Struggling to think of any others