Best pick last week: I had predicted that the Dolphins


    You might have noticed that the Chiefs did not attempt to mut coins madden 22 punt in Week 4. In fact, it was the fourth time that two teams combined for zero punts in NFL history. The Chiefs' victory over Philadelphia.

    Only reason I bring it up is that the Chiefs punter could be interested in going ahead and planning on taking off this week. Matt Haack, the Bills punter may want to get off for the day. I'm sure there aren't going to be very many punts made on Sunday night, and it's because this game will feature two of the three highest-scoring teams in the NFL. The Bills and Chiefs have scored 33.5 points per game this year, which is tied for the second in the league.

    Both of these teams have a high scoring offense. I would say it will be a matter of the defense that is best. For Kansas City, comparing these two defenses is like trying to compare a covered wagon with the inside of a Ferrari: One is so much better than the other, it seems unjust to compare the two.

    On the Chiefs on the other side they've not been able to stop anyone this year. In the last four weeks, they've surrendered the second most points in the NFL as well as the second highest number of yards. On the other hand, the Bills have given up the lowest amount of points in the NFL this season (just 11 points per game) and have beat their three previous opponents by a combined score of 118-21. They've also pitched two shutouts over the first four games, something that isn't often seen in NFL time.

    With regards to the Super Bowl: I chose the Chiefs for the Super Bowl in each year (2019, 2020) of the AFC. However this year, I didn't pick they because I went with the Bills. That is a sign that I should pick the Bills for this game.

    If the Bills win on Sunday night and the Bills win on Sunday night, the entire Buffalo population could smash into the desk foldable. I'd advise any reporter selling tables that fold to make sure that you have enough stock to last the weekend.

    Best pick last week: I had predicted that the Dolphins would score 17 points and lose to the Colts and guess what happened? The Dolphins lost by 17 points to the Colts. Did I know that Miami's offense would be slowed for three quarters? Yes, I did. You've seen this team in action. It didn't work well for the Dolphins offense in the past when Tua Tagovailoa ran it which is why it's unlikely that it would be a success with Jacoby Britssett. Furthermore the Dolphins currently have two offensive coordinators. That is similar to having two girlfriends who know about each other and who also hate each other. You can pretend that cheap Madden nfl 22 coins it's going well however, I can assure you that it's not going well.