If you want to own and maintain a beautiful realistic sex doll

  • This is my first silicone sex doll, so I don't know the softness between TPE and silicone, but she is not soft and very strong. The breasts should be filled with gel, but it feels a bit strange and not so soft. Her big ass is really strong, but her fingers, arms and feet are super soft! When you hold her hand, her hand feels like a human hand! And her body is very lifelike, I think all the blood in her body has been wasted. I didn't invade her private parts, so I can't tell you I'm sorry! Men should consider overcoming all the above misunderstandings.


    If you want to own and maintain a beautiful cheap sex doll, you must pay attention to details. Sometimes nails, eyelashes or makeup will fall off the doll. You need to pay attention to details to refresh your doll as needed. Many women will not have any problems with this, but for us men, this may be another matter. Careful maintenance and updating of your doll is essential to its continued beauty. As you learn how to draw toes and nails, make up and apply new eyelashes, your patience and attention to detail will be tested. Good luck, it's really not that bad, you will learn more about how your real life partner finds the best for you!


    Then, you can try to start by buying a realistic sex doll torso to add fun to your sex life. They are not full-body dolls, but they are still fun. Today, we will explain the benefits of choosing torso dolls and why many sex doll lovers choose them. Weight is one of the most important factors that many doll lovers consider when buying a doll. No one wants a doll that is difficult to move. The doll’s torso is lighter and easier to move than ordinary sex dolls. This is a good choice for people who need to move their dolls frequently. This is largely related to the clumsiness of the heavy body and the desire to be very careful with her, but weight will become something I must get used to.


    Many people are very surprised by the realism of modern WM doll. It's one thing to look at pictures, but once you see the actual doll you buy, you will understand how much progress the industry has made in creating realistic sex dolls that rival the beauty of real women (or men). They come in many varieties, from body-building sex dolls to obese dolls. Save money. Unless you replace your real woman or man with a doll, you will not realize how much a real relationship costs. Apart from the initial cost, there are no gifts to buy, no food and beverages, no honey list to spend, no plastic surgery or beauty requirements that change with age, no additional gas or vehicle costs, etc.


    At the same time, an artist in Los Angeles focused on using teen sex doll as a substitute for romance and sexual partners. The 54-year-old artist recorded the family life of men and women dedicated to making life-size mature female dolls in the "Still Love" series published from 2001 to 2004. Before that. "Now and now, those who like to replace humans with dolls are very attractive to me. The biggest advantage of uloversdoll is that they are always ready to serve you. Gentle, rough or somewhere in between. Any media, somewhere in between Between the two is that you no longer need to defend your fantasies or feel guilty.


    It is made of high-quality TPE. High-quality TPE makes the simulated skin soft and elastic, and has durability and abrasion resistance. This petite cat is enough to take anywhere, while providing a completely reasonable fucking experience. It will provide tight, gentle suction to your penis. Although the photographic works in the exhibition do show profound humanity, there is also a view that they portray people who are already living on the margins of society. Harry’s reasoning was: “I’m not interested in hyping a topic, exploiting anyone, or further marginalizing isolated and judged groups.”

    B Cup Sex Doll Silver Haired Spanish Girl