Musket Build in New World

  • New World has always been loved by many players. One reason is that it has a variety of weapons to choose from. Players can Buy New World Coins according to their favorite game style to get the weapons they want. As Void Gauntlet enters Aeternum, developers seem to work hard to introduce exciting new weapons. Even better, all the weapons in the new world are fairly balanced, each offering some advantages and disadvantages for those willing to master them.

    In terms of long-range weapons, players can choose to cast spells through via staff, shoot arrows with a bow or use Musket for long-range shooting. Musket may be one of the most powerful weapons in the entire new world. So most players will choose to spend New World Gold to reach the strongest Musket Build.

    Musket is very suitable for players who do not want to fight head-on and plan to strike in the dark. Because of its excellent range, Musket users can even shoot down the enemy before they engage. Even better, players can use the high ground and obstacles around them to confuse the enemy.

    Players using Musket Build, as the player advances in the world of Aeternum, they will encounter powerful enemies with a large amount of health, which can cause serious damage. Bosses in New World can punish players who cannot guard against their attacks or effectively move out of the range of their powerful spells. This requires players to spend New World Gold to buy healing and other benefits.

    There are many weapons in New World, and the preferences of players are also different. But if players want to achieve a good Build, it is necessary to buy New World Gold to get items that enhance their ability.