All details about Zizaran’s Gauntlet in Path of Exile

  • Some time ago, Path of Exile released year-end events, which included the return of many old events and new game modes. Players who have bought POE Currency as preparations will have a greater advantage in these activities. Among them, Zizaran’s Gauntlet has attracted many players to take part.

    As part of the Path of Exile December event, Zizaran’s Gauntlet will allow players to race to eliminate the more powerful, healthier, and faster versions of the normal monsters of the game, all of which are hardcore modes. Then, players will earn points based on the bosses killed, the level got, and the mining progress.

    The highest-ranked player will win the Gauntlet Trophy and 12% of the prize, while the runner-up will receive 4% of the total prize. In the seven starting classes of the competition, the best performer in each class will also receive 8% of the prize pool, and the runner-up in each class will receive 4%. These generous rewards make players have to choose to spend more POE Orbs to improve themselves.

    The top five players in each Ascendancy Class will receive Demigod’s Authority, a unique one-handed sword that can increase the character size by 5%. For players who want to get bigger, the good news is that it can stack with other items with the same effect, such as Demigod’s Bounty belt. Players who have not got through the game can also choose to spend POE Currency to buy the equipment they need.

    Every time a player reaches level 50, he will receive an Atlantis Mystery Box. The mystery box will contain randomly selected micro-transaction items from two sets of unique aquatic-themed equipment and cosmetics: the Kraken suit and the deepwater suit.