What are the new events of Path of Exile?

  • Near the end of the year, Grinding Gear Games also released the Path of Exile year-end celebration. Some activities have already started, and players have already felt the fun of the new events. Not only that, in order to win special rewards, players also POE Currency Buy to enhance their strength.

    This event was mainly carried out in December. Almost every event lasted for 10 days, and the time of each event was also staggered. This is also to let players not miss the opportunity to take part in each event. Some activities are still different from the previous Path of Exile gameplay, which brings freshness to players and stimulates players’ desire to buy POE Currency.

    Besides the return of classic modes like Endless Delve and Zizarian Gauntlet, Grinding Gear Games has also developed several new events. Endless Heist is one of them. Players will use the heist mechanism introduced a few seasons ago, but this time Heist is endless. If the players die, they can continue to come back, but all the loot got will be zero. Players can take full advantage of stealth, awareness and hazard detection.

    Atlas Invasion is also a new game mode, just like the Endless Heist mode. Here, players will continue their adventures, looking for map bosses in every corner of Wraeclast. It’s basically campaign+, which makes the game feel a little different from the usual game experience.

    The most special is Delirium Everywhere. There is a piece of land covered with a thick layer of Delirium, not snow. It makes everything more challenging, and no matter how the map is, you will encounter more monsters in the wettest parts of Delirium. This also means that players may need to spend POE Currency to upgrade their equipment to defeat all monsters.

    In fact, Path of Exile: Scourge has brought many players a unique experience from previous leagues. Regardless of the game mechanics or the difficulty of the game, players need to spend more time and POE Currency to gain an advantage.