New World quality of life is about to improve

  • Although New World has a history of nearly three months, Amazon’s first MMO has experienced many difficulties. The first release of New World exceeded expectations, caught up with major streaming media, reached many concurrent players, and many players bought RPG New World Coins for the game. Unfortunately, these top player numbers paralyzed the server, forcing Amazon to start more quickly, while also dealing with major issues such as long queues, server problems, and sometimes, GPU crashes or malfunctions.

    Over time, Amazon has solved many of these startup window problems through continuous updates and Into The Void updates and other content additions, and players have discovered other problems that dragged down the experience. Destructive errors and malfunctions in the game have plagued New World players for a long time. As the population continues to decline, Amazon reiterated it has more updates, including many quality of life changes. This will also inspire players to buy New World Gold.

    The quality of life update is also another major focus area. The recent update of New World has improved the running speed of all characters on the road. In the future, players will spend less New World Gold on fast travel. Other planned additions include connecting players looking for expeditions, additional tasks and making markers, accessing inventory while running, and ways to further improve the map. Fans can also take part in the unique Winter Fusion Festival event.

    Although these updates will undoubtedly be a welcome addition once they are ready. In order for players to maintain their advantage in the game, it is still necessary to buy New World Gold.