How Madden's sales explain what gamers don't want to hear

  • However, the sales figures of the past week and the review scores of the last month are convincing and competitive. Madden NFL 21 is the lowest-rated game in the history of the series; and Madden NFL 21’s sales are higher than the record number set by the publisher Electronic Arts last year. If you are a Madden player, you can purchase MUT 21 Coins to enhance your game strength.

    Oh, and for sure, COVID-related purchases may play a role-multiple publishers report that their sales have a great tailwind, which is a good reason to attribute it to the quarantine lifestyle. However, when Madden is frustrated by traditional ideas every year, and Madden has been the best-selling game of the month every August for the past 21 years, I can't think that this is a complete story. Just because you are the only market choice, you cannot reach this point year after year.

    I think sports video games have surpassed a tipping point. At this tipping point, iterative release can provide its main game mode, not just simplify the program. Whenever I review one of these games, I am disappointed that there is nothing to recommend in "Franchise in Madden" other than careful calculations. However, if I want to criticize content that is not in the game, then I better have a proper example. It may be necessary to modify the trading logic or the progress of the mid-season players, but this is an iterative improvement. Developers may have exhausted new things related to core games.

    No one admits this, but it makes sense. The upcoming generation of consoles will be sold like rioters at launch and provide audiovisual fidelity. This is a gradual improvement over the current system, not a leap forward. This is a core function. Well, similarly, I hope that most of the work I did on Madden NFL 21 on PlayStation 5 is the same as on PlayStation 4.

    Since the franchise returned to the platform in 2018, 2020 is the third year Madden has returned to the PC. For me, novelty has not yet disappeared. There are still some inherent weird and exciting things about playing this series of games aimed at consoles on my desktop. Use the keyboard to enter the player's name and university name. But this will not last for many players. Madden desperately needs some new ideas, so let us hope that 21 more exotic companies herald a larger scale of reconstruction in the future. If you want to buy MUT Coins, I recommend you the cheap and reliable GameMS.