Giants at Cowboys: Week 5 Madden 21 — the slide continues

  • Madden 21 Sim continued to accurately predict the loss of the New York Giants, and sadly it did in Week 5. On Sunday, the Giants will head to Dallas to face the Cowboys and participate in the first NFC Eastern Conference in 2020. Let's see how Madden 21 predicts the progress of the game. If you are a player of Madden 21 and want to get a good player, you can Buy MUT 21 Coins to get the ideal player.

    Ezekiel Elliott led the Cowboys with an 11-yard sprint touchdown. That was not the last time Zeke reached the end zone that day. He will continue to score 3 points and eventually get 4 points. The game was quite close at the end of halftime, and the Giants defeated the Cowboys 17-10. With six minutes left in the third quarter, Dallas will extend the lead to 14 with another Elliott sprint touchdown.

    Wayne Gallman bent into the penalty zone and pushed the Giants into a single game at the end of the third quarter. However, Amari Cooper will actually play with five minutes left in the 28-yard touchdown game. In a limited time, the Giants tried to return to the game, but Daniel Jones failed in their comeback attempt. Two trash time touchdowns improved the score to 38-24. Daniel Jones was surprisingly accurate, conceding only two of 35 passes. Darius Slayton also had a good harvest day, participating in eight receptions for 99 yards and touchdowns.

    According to Madden's simulation, the Giants will start their season with a 0-5 record after losing to the Cowboys this week. If you don't have much time to spend on the game, but still want to get good players, you can buy Cheap MUT 21 Coins at GameMS to update your ultimate team.