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    The art is really so so. I like all of the technology we now have too."Classmate Awais Younis, 10, said: "The old building was really cold and draughty, especially in the winter, but this is a lot warmer and cosy."The big hall can be separated too, so it can be a space for dinner and PE."Intisar Nadeem, also 10, said: "My favourite bit of our new school is the new technology we have."I also like being able to do more independent learning and research because of the open plan classrooms and I like that we have more choice over what we do."And Maisha Hussain, 10, added: "Being in this building is a completely new experience and I really think it will help me to learn more."We have soundproof learning pods, which can be used by pupils and teachers and they are really good."Westgate Hill Primary School forms part of the Federation of Arthur's Hill along with Moorside Primary.June Foster OBE, executive head teacher of the federation said: "The process of translating our vision for learning into reality has been a long, hard and sometimes bumpy road but we are delighted with the finished product."Our pupils deserve the best and I believe by creating this innovative and stimulating learning environment we are providing them with the best..

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