Smt Stencil Clean Roll Method


    SMT Stencil Clean Roll's template cleaning tape test program
    First, cut a piece of scotch tape or black electrical tape about 2 inches long.
    Place strips of tape along the surface of the template wipe fabric.
    Once the tape sticks to the surface, pressure must be applied. Pressure should
    Apply in a uniform manner. To ensure even pressure is applied, a 1,000 g calibration weight is rolled on the surface of the tape. If you don't have a weight of this size, you can use Seam Pro (for wallpaper seam accessories), a full can of soda or any tool that can provide equal weight distribution. In some cases, simply using your fingers is acceptable.
    If you use scotch tape, place it on a black surface and observe the amount of fiber pulled down with the naked eye or a magnifying glass. This test can be easily quantified by counting fibers and particles under magnification.
    To get the best measurement results, please repeat this step for the front and back of the wiper roll

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