Introduction of Electronic Cleaning Wipes Factory


    What is Electronic Cleaning Wipes Factory's electronic wipes?
    Electronic wipes are disposable, pre-soaked soft wipes that can be safely used on Chromebooks, laptops, screens, touch pads, mobile phones and other electronic products, components and accessories. They are specially designed for your electronic products.

    Other wet wipes and cleaning agents do not have the correct chemical formula and cannot kill bacteria and viruses on electronic devices without damaging them. They just didn't disinfect your equipment properly. As I have personally experienced, other cleaners may leave unwanted and potentially destructive residues on your equipment.

    Our mobile device disinfection wipes are electronic wipes made of 70% non-irritating isopropyl alcohol solution, which can safely and effectively clean all your electronic products.

    Disinfecting wipes for mobile devices

    When should I use electronic wipes?
    You should use electronic wipes every time you interact with your K device, but when you should use electronic wipes for school equipment, there are two specific interactions.

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