What changes have occurred in Path of Exile: Expedition?

  • Path of Exile’s latest leagues and updates have been launched together with Expedition. It adds a new activity to the game, where players can dig treasure chests to get loot and trade artifacts for rewards. For example, you can get POE Currency. However, it also brings a lot of weakening to mana, movement, potions, auxiliary gems, etc. The developer said that compared with the ceremony alliance, the peak of concurrent players at the time of launch has indeed decreased. Many players choose to give up halfway through the game.

    Path of Exile: Expedition has released many hot fixes, and upcoming changes in the game include displaying the current POE Orbs of the player in the vendor window. It also fixes the problem that the alternative art flask is not displayed, and so on. The developers noticed feedback on changes in the mana cost multiplier and pointed out that they were too extreme. Based on feedback and data, developers are reviewing mana cost multipliers again and will reduce many of them.

    However, the artifact fragments dropped by players during the Path of Exile: Expedition operation do not seem to have an automatic pickup option, which has caused many players to complain. Developers have also noticed that there are indeed too many POE Currency in the current game, but they also said that they fully understand the changes in Path of Exile in 3.15 will definitely make some players feel uneasy, and will pay attention to this in the design of future versions.

    In general, Path of Exile: Expedition does have some unavoidable problems after its release, and many players also say that the current version is too cumbersome. So in the end, whether players can accept the current Path of Exile: Expedition remains to be considered.