We Recommend Tin Can Making Machine

  • The Tin can making machine adopts new technology to establish a new system of automated, diversified, multi-functional and integrated packaging machinery. The technological development trend of food machin is mainly reflected in high productivity, automation, single-machine multi-function, multi-functional production line, and new technology. Such as: multi-station bag making vacuum packaging machine, its bag making, weighing, filling, vacuuming, sealing and other functions can be completed on a single machine; several machines with different functions and matching efficiency can be combined into functions More complete production lines, such as the vacuum packaging production lines for fresh fish developed by France CRACECRYOYA and ISTM. Adopting relevant new technologies, using a large number of inflatable packaging instead of vacuum packaging in the packaging method, and closely combining the three aspects of inflatable components, packaging materials and inflatable packaging machines; in the control technology, more computer technology and microelectronic technology are used .

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