Great Ideas to Food Machine Production Line

  • The latest food machine production line innovations hitting the market are seriously futuristic. A major player has adopted Microsoft’s HoloLens mixed reality headsets. The headsets have been given to their on-site service e

    Uptime and efficiency on your metal cap can making machinery production line. It’s inextricably bonded to your profits. To put it another way: maximising throughput, whilst ensuring quality, is the best way to maximise your revenue. Here are some ideas for making sure your production environment is as productive as possible.

    Organisation strategy
    The first thing to do before taking action is to sit back and observe. The most important step of Lean Sigma philosophy is the “Define” stage. Where are the pain points in your current workflow? Look at your people, your processes and your production equipment to identify areas where improvements can be made.

    Another thing to consider (that’s often overlooked) is the layout of your production or manufacturing environment. From materials to machine tools, everything should be organised logically and cohesively. Does your current layout maximise efficiency?

    Metal detection technology
    Nobody wants to find metal in their moussaka. That’s why as a safety precaution, many food manufacturers install metal detectors on their production lines. Metal detection can occur at various points throughout your production line, ensuring no metal contaminants fall into your produce. As well as monitoring food, installing metal detectors could protect your machinery. Even the smallest particle can lead to machinery malfunction.

    Product inspection for safety
    X-ray technology
    Of course when it comes to identifying foreign objects, metal detectors have one major limitation. They can only spot metallic objects. That’s why some food manufacturers are transitioning towards X-ray systems that can detect a vast range

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