NBA 2K22: Are you looking forward to the next return of Pop-Up

  • September 10, the first weekend after the launch of NBA 2K22, was the last day The Pop-Up Stores appeared. It is scattered all over the City, providing players with Bleacher Report, Overtime, Bel-Air Athletics, Billionaire Boys Club or Dim Mak merchandise. If you just want to know when some limited-time clothing suppliers in NBA 2K22 will appear again, then the following 2K22 MT content will introduce you to when Pop-Up Stores will return to the City in Next Gen NBA 2K22 MyCareer Some latest news.

    What we know so far is that 2K has not announced the official date when Pop-Up Stores will appear in the next NBA 2K22 Next Gen. But if we sum up our previous experience, we can conclude that Pop-Up Stores will be opened every two weeks, maybe every two weeks, or even once a month. Because the last time Pop-Up Store appeared in NBA 2K22 Next Gen was from September 10th to September 12th. Therefore, comprehensive consideration. The earliest possible time for these stores to appear is this week, or later, on the first weekend of October.

    If you have continued to follow the official social media accounts of NBA 2K22, 2K will notify you the next time Pop-Up Stores returns.

    Pop-Up Stores will not appear on the Cancha del Mar cruise ship Neighborhood in Current Gen, because its role is the same as the past 2Ks, just to allow designer brands to appear in Swag's.

    The new RPG-style mission system in Next Gen requires players to wear some clothing that can enhance their brand, so the importance of eliminating some VCs is the same as in the previous NBA 2K MT series.

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