How To Check The Triangle Belt

  • Introduction to the daily maintenance and inspection methods of the triangular belts:

    Operators and users should master the correct operation essentials during normal driving. According to the technical requirements of the instruction manual, try to avoid sudden start and sudden braking; also prevent frequent overloading; the machine should be removed from long-term use.

    Apply a vertical pressure of about 2 kilograms to the middle of each tape by hand, and the appropriate sink amount is 20 to 30 mm. If it is not suitable, adjust it in time.

    Do not mix the new and the old: When double or three or more triangle tapes need to be replaced, the specified type of triangle tape should be selected, and the tightness of each group of triangle tapes must be the same. Uneven force, even the old V-belt does not work, affecting power transmission and shortening the life of the V-belt.

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