How To Install The V-belt

  • We recommend the installation of the triangular belts:

    Before installation, if the center distance of the two shafts is adjustable, the center distance should be shortened first, and then the center distance should be adjusted as required after the tape is installed; if the center distance of the two shafts is not adjustable, a triangle belt can be used Put it into the groove of the wheel first, and then turn the other pulley to install the triangle tape, and install all the triangle tapes in the same way. It is forbidden to use tools to pry or pull on the V-belt to prevent the V-belt from being stretched or too tight. The correct inspection method is to apply a vertical pressure of about 2 kilograms to the middle of each tape by hand, and the amount of sinking is (20-30) mm. If it is not suitable, adjust it in time. When you need to replace the new and old triangle tapes with double or more than three triangle tapes, you must choose the specified type of triangle tape, and require the tightness of each group of triangle tapes to be consistent. It is not allowed to mix the new and the old or reduce the number of tapes. Otherwise, the old and new triangle tapes will be stressed. Uneven, even the old V-belt does not work, affecting power transmission and shortening the life of the V-belt.

    The same is true for the composition of the hexagonal belts.