What Are The Advantages Of High-performance V-belts

  • For High Performance V-Belts, what are the common materials for V-belts?

       There are currently 5 kinds of materials used to produce cast pulleys on the market: cast aluminum, cast iron, cast steel, engineering plastics, and ordinary plastics. Due to the status quo of industry segmentation, different manufacturers may only have contacted 2-3 of them. Let's pack and introduce them.

       1. The aluminum material is light in weight, exquisite in structure, and moderate in strength. It is suitable for precision equipment or equipment that requires weight control, and the price is relatively high;

      2. The cast steel material has high hardness and a slightly longer production cycle. It is often used in large machinery and equipment with high requirements for strength, and the price is high;

      3. Cast iron material is one of the most widely used materials at present, and the comprehensive performance of price and hardness is stronger. Because of the nature of the material itself, the production cycle is shorter than that of cast steel;

      4. Plastic belt pulleys are used in some occasions where the strength and temperature are not high, such as small household appliances. The limitation is relatively high, so most industries are not applicable.

    Due to the needs of application scenarios, the current V-belts are more durable and perfect, and are often called High strength V-Belts.