GPS jammers protect security by preventing tracking

  • In order for the mobile phone  to effectively interfere with the mobile network, it must be ensured that the signal field strength of the gsm jammer should be much greater than the field strength of the mobile signal BCH in the interference area. Therefore, the same jammer uses different locations and the effective area of ​​interference. It is different. Generally, the closer to the base station, the stronger the local BCH field strength, and the smaller the area where the jammer reaches effective interference. Generally, the interference radius can only reach 0.5-9m; the farther away from the base station, the BCH field strength is relatively weak.

    The US government purchases around 100 poratble drone jammer to protect government facilities, property and personnel. The jammer interferes with the drone's radio controls, avoiding dangerous alternatives involving bullets and other projectiles.The drone jammer works by directing radio energy at the drone, thus disrupting the link between the drone and the operator. The jammer operates on common industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) frequency bands. The 2.4 GHz frequency, one of the most common drone control frequencies, is part of the ISM band.

    Many companies will install portable jammer in conference rooms.The new mobile phone signal jammer can already achieve the IMSI number obtained in the 4G mode, which does not disturb the people, does not interfere, and is green. Which floor in that area has a mobile phone violation alarm, that is, the shielding device in the area is activated, not all devices in the supervision area of ​​the entire unit are activated together, not for a long time in 24 hours, so the shielding effect is very small, the time limit is very short, green Environmental protection.Leading technology, mature and reliable, and in line with the technical prevention requirements of national signal control.

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